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Michael Hall


It is my pleasure to welcome all of you Wildcats back to the 2016-2017 school year! The theme for this year in our Industrial Technology Department is " Racing Toward Excellence!" The rationale behind my theme for this year is connected to my 43 years of participating in NHRA Drag Racing. Modern day drag racing is loaded with industrial technology! You will find my own personal nostalgia A/fuel dragster in the bay next to the activity bus in our shop.

This year, all instruction in Industrial Technology Courses will be taught using a STEM model, in wich all IT courses will have the following concepts integrated into daily instruction:


This year also, all IT classes will use the six phases of technology in precise order in the overall building process:


*Computer Research



*Testing and Evaluation



*All IT classes will also use current Industrial/Manufacturing Quality Control steps in order to make sure that all students produce a quality unit project, class or group project/ model.

** Minimum competency scores for each phase of the building/technology process:

Research- 70% score, Design- 80% score, Engineering- 90% score, Final Product- 0-100%. Students do not receive any points during testing and evaluation steps, or during re-engineering activities.

**Class grading percentages are as follows: Research- 25%, Design- 25%, Engineering- 25%, Final Product/Prototype-25%.

***All IT classes will use a competency-based grading system. All students must complete and be signed off on each phase of the 6 phases of the building process to receive a final grade on any class project during a nine week and semester class period. In other words, no student can go to step B, unless they have completed step A and have been signed off by the IT instructor.

*All IT classes will use a business/manufacturing model in assessing student progress as business do for their employees:

*All IT class will feature individual and whole class projects:

7-8 STEM Classes Individual Unit Projects: Each unit will have a unit championship activity where students get extra credit awards!

1- Lego Steam Engines

2- Balsa Bridge Building/crush contest

3- Crane Buiding/lifting

4- Catapult competition

5- CO2 Dragster Races

6- Rocket Dragster Races

7- Wright Flyer 1903 Kits

8- Jet Engines/Propultion systems

9- Rocket Engines/Propulsion systems

*9-12 IT Classes will also have individual and whole class projects that will be determined during the first week of each semester.

**Auto Technology class will be offered as a zero hour class starting at 7am and going through to first period each day of the week. Auto Tech students will get to work on my nostalgia dragster, which will double as our lab vehicle for the class.

**A junior Drag Racing club will also be formed for all students in grades 5-12! We will hold class meeting before and after school as needed. All club students will attend drag races this Fall in Kearney and Julesburg with parent permission slips and district liability waivers completed and returned to Mr. Hall. When our dragster is finished, all club students will be on the pit crew and help me run my dragster hopefully, next Spring when it is finished!

In closing, I would like to remind you that life is competition! Our lives are also one brief race in time. I hope you will join me in our IT classes where we will race toward excellence in all that we do....every day! I hope each and everyone of you have an awesome school year! If I can of any further assistance, please don't hessitate to call me on my cell at: 970-302-0807.

Sincerely Yours,

/:/ Michael D. Hall, Ed.S.

Industrial Technology Instructor

Maxwell Junior-Senior High