Wildcat Winter K-12 protocol and Covid-19 Guidelines:

Few Key Points

*Only immediate family allowed at all home events. Excludes: Aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. Includes:: Mom, dad, siblings, step parent/s and step siblings. Even siblings who live out of town are allowed to attend. 

*Limit 6 family members per player/family. Example: A family with multiple siblings performing/participating in a Maxwell “Home” activity is only allowed 6 immediate family spectators on the pass list. 

*Proper face coverings will be monitored, failure to follow guidelines will result in being asked to leave and you will not be allowed to be on a future pass list. 

*If your player does not suit up for that event you will not be allowed to attend. 


Thank you, Maxwell student-athletes for this public service announcement. We understand that these are trying times and our protocols may not work for everyone. It is important that we follow all of the protocols in place so that our students will be able to participate in these winter activities. #WeAreMaxwell 

Please watch and read the guidelines at the links below.