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Local school districts in cooperation with ESU 16 are sponsoring an opportunity for parents of preschool children to participate in Child Find Screenings. This fall screening will be made available in each school district at the request of parents.

Child Find is a screening program for preschool children between the ages of birth and five. Professionals will be available to answer questions from parents regarding their preschool childʼs speech and language

development, motor development, social/emotional development, hearing and learning skills. Parents who suspect that their child (age 0-5) may need special help in these areas are encouraged to call their school

district. The local school district will arrange for evaluation in cooperation with ESU 16. Evaluation will be done at a time and place convenient for the family.

Children between the ages of five and twenty-one who reside in Arthur, Grant, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Perkins and Thomas counties may be referred to the schoolʼs Student Assistance Team. The Student Assistance Team provides suggestions for accommodation/modification. This referral

may result in an evaluation for special help. Parents should contact their local school district to request this referral.

Further information is available from your local school district or from the Educational Service Unit 16 office (308-284-8481).