Vision, Mission, Priorities, and Goals
Vision, Mission, Priorities, and Goals
Todd Rhodes
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Vision, Mission, Priorities, and Goals

Vision "Great Expectations in Education"


"Student Achievement and Success Today....Tomorrow...Always"


  • Student Achievement
  • High Achieving Personnel
  • Fiscal Management
  • School-Community Partnership
  • Continuous School Improvement


  • Maxwell Public Schools will offer a rich curriculum to cultivate student learning and achievement.
  • Maxwell Public Schools will provide a plan for professional development focused on instruction.
  • Maxwell Public Schools will continue to create a safe and comfortable learning environment within the financial limitations of the district.
  • Maxwell Public Schools will communicate openly and transparently with all district stakeholders.
  • Maxwell Public Schools will take part in continuous school improvement by its membership with AdvancEd accreditation.